Course Description

Why Mentorship?

Gaining and providing good mentorship are career-long competencies. Mentorship is required at all ages and stages and is a proven method for enhancing your career and job happiness. Mentorship is essential to your professional development as a leader in science and research. You may be asked to begin mentoring as a new research leader once you’ve achieved some success. Our objective is to help you make the most of your mentors and also train you to become a highly effective mentor yourself. We focus on the mentee, who aspires to gain from the mentor's knowledge and experience, and the mentor, who has more experience and expertise to impart.

Each job includes rights, obligations, and relationship objectives. This course explains the distinction between mentorship and sponsorship, as well as how to obtain each sort of help. Consider your mentorship team as your own personal board of directors, and we'll help you adopt a strategic mindset about the formation of your mentorship team. Coaching was introduced as a means to improve mentoring abilities. We recommend you watch this lesson with a mentee or mentor in order to establish this relationship and acquire skills applicable to all mentoring relationships.

Is This for You?

You have come to the perfect place if you are are seeking a mentor to launch your career, or if you just want to acquire the essential skills.

A mentor can help you focus on your profession, gain confidence, achieve goals, and expand your network. You'll learn about yourself and your job from a mentor.