Course Description

Why Marketing ?

As a marketer, you get the opportunity to build traction for any brand and scale businesses across industries from zero to one. It is a career where each day brings unique challenges and new ways of putting your marketing skills to practice for the long-term revenue growth of the organisation.

Dynamic Responsibilities and Limitless Opportunities: Digital Marketing is one of the most essential skills, that not only helps you to get a job in the market but also complements you to create your own online venture. It is one of the very few domains that enables you to put your marketing, analytical as well as creative skills into practice. From writing eye-catching ad copies to deep diving into campaign analytics, digital marketing enables you to wear multiple hats and drive the online growth of your business.

Enormous Demand: The digital marketing job profile is industry agnostic in nature and with the emergence of the app economy, businesses across sectors are moving towards the internet. This has caused a rapid increase in the demand for digital marketers while the supply of such professionals is limited because of a skill gap. Due to this shortage, digital marketers are also paid higher than others.

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