Course Description

Why Graphics Designing ?

Graphic Design is an extremely creative role wherein individuals must use their imagination, flexibility and communication skills to bring visual concepts to life. This is an exceedingly in-demand field, especially in the digital age wherein graphic design knowledge and technical skills are used to create creative assets, product designs, website design and animations to communicate with consumers directly across the internet and in apps.

Today, there is hardly any field that is untouched by graphic designers. From the products and apps that make our lives easier to a multimillion-dollar motion picture, graphic design is central to most consumer-facing companies today.

Strategic Responsibilities: Graphic Designers develop visual assets that inspire, inform and captivate customers. They work closely with marketing, advertising, public relations and business leadership to execute a variety of projects. Graphic design is also an extremely iterative process, therefore, designers constantly incorporate feedback from stakeholders till a design asset is finalised. Graphic designers combine their knowledge of art and design technology to communicate strategic business ideas using images, illustrations, and text.

Scope of Learning: A graphic designer needs to have a combination of hard skills (including knowledge of key design softwares and design principles) and soft skills (including communication, time management and flexibility) to fulfil their customer's/ client's vision of a brand or ad campaign. They get to work on new projects with new challenges almost everyday, setting them up on a path of rigorous learning and growth.

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